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Friday, April 17, 2009

Jack Vs Flop....Winner is Jack!

It's Monday I've just gotten home from work and am frantically looking for a package to Las Vegas to go see the Fei World Cup (which I never did find). Our sliding doors are open and I hear dogs barking...a little odd because ours have bark collars but the neighbors don't....So after about 2 min of this I get up to go this point our neighbors are shouting at us that our dogs are fighting...GREAT...Why not?...but on my frantic run down there I'm thinking what about the collars.? I reach them only to discover that they had bitten/ripped them off each I go about breaking them up, the fun part. So I grab Floppy first, really because he was the closest, pry his jaws off Jack then start to drag him away and to my surprise Jack turns around and bites Flop again! At this point I could have killed him! So I am screaming for John to come and get Jack...some neighbor who has a dog that I haven't managed to place yet is trying to talk to me through the fence..why? I haven't figured out yet..I think I heard something like they were barking at her dog and then turned on each other? Anyway John comes down and picks Jack up and we drag them into their separate cages. Spend about 10min looking for the clippers hold Jack and Flop down to see what war wounds they each had. Jack not so bad, some scrapes on the neck (Flop had these to, probably from the collars being dragged off each other) a small puncture wound on his leg and a scape on his chest overall not bad...Scrubbed it with betadine threw some hydrogen peroxide on it and entederm and called it good. On to the Flop, Flop did not fair so well (he's fine but definitely got the short end of the stick!) Puncture wound on the top of his head, puncture would on his ear (at first I thought it went threw but it didn't) and a puncture wound on his neck along with the scratches...Same as with Jack, betadine, hydrogen peroxide, entederm, both got anti-biotics and Rimadyl. Flop got the added fun of the ice pack, my biggest concern was that his head and ear would swell before the anti-inflammatory would kick in so that's what these pics are Flop with ice pack wrapped to his head:) He was relatively good about it and we did it twice Monday night and have cleaned the punctures everyday since then, and he knows when we are going to do it, he looks really sad and tries to run!

Mr. Neeks!

Ok so I've been a little slack on blogging, but here are some pics of Mr. Neeks aka Fallen Leaf. We had our first (and so far only because of weather and the FEI show in Vegas) lesson with Jose Luis and he was great! He has a great system, he has 2 battery packs with head phones on one and a mic on the other so I clipped the pack to my sweater and put the earphones in and it was great! No yelling across the arena, or to those of you who know the wind, plus since it was a nice day the planes landing at ABQ Sunport were right over head. Mr. Neeks being the trooper he is didn't flinch though :) Although it might help that he has smaller planes go right by his paddock. Jose Luis gave me some good things to work on so I have actually been riding almost every day. I also found a great little tack store in Santa Fe that had consignment saddles, so I found a great dressage saddle for pretty cheap! So I tried cantering Mr. Neeks this week before John leaves and he was of course great, I think someone did a little more work with him than we anticipated since he got off the track. Anyways no riding today its snowing so hard I can't see across the runway!! And yes I know my position isn't that great...