Living life as a pilot's wife, with our "herd" of 3 horses, 5 cats, 5 dogs, and 1 guina pig!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Wing Weekend

So hubby bought a "new to us" Goldwing (which I will hopefully get a pic of up here) the other week and we rode up to Santa Fe yesterday. It was really a nice ride, not alot of people on the road, and we went through the town of Madrid. This was the town where they filmed some of Wild Hogs. We got to see "Maggies Dinner" although this is not a real restaurant and you can't go in it but you can take a pic! All in all it was a nice day and a nice ride....
Only to come back and find that the old mean people who live here haven't died yet! And they are going door to door...well selective try and get a petition to get rid of our horses! I swear do these people have anything else do to besides wait for the Grim Reaper?! We found this out because one of the old mean people went door to door to the wrong door, and the nice people told us about this... Hubby said he was going to go talk to them, but that hasn't panned out yet.... In the background is our 3 legged wonder dog named Suka!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

House Pics!

Since everyone has been asking about pics of the house here they are...well at least one pic at any rate. Those big tall things in front of the house are sunflowers, at least they were two weeks ago when I took these pics, now they are pretty much dead....along with a couple of our trees that I am trying to keep alive!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

State Fair!

So hubby and I and some friends went to the New Mexico State Fair yesterday. It was really actually quite nice, we watched the horse show for a while, which was pretty pathetic because for some reason the Wild West here isn't know for Saddlebreds, Morgans, or Arabians... So we walked around for a while and got a great fan with a pic of dolphins on it I'll try and put a pic up here of it soon. So we get to the best part Carnival Rides!!! Who can't resist paying 5 or 6 dollars a pop to go on a rusty rickety ride, run by someone who's not "all there." Well neither dh or I could resist this temptation, though in the interest of saving money we went on only one ride..the Zipper... This is possible the best "old style" carnival ride ever. It turned out it was our lucky day! The ride operator wasn't "all there" and was waayyy more concerned with pissing off the kids who tried to rock the cars. So we got done with our ride.....still sitting in the cage watching the sun set on the mountains which was quite nice...and bam here we went again, he didn't take us off so we got another ride! Though in all fairness this may have had something to do with him not being "all there." The second ride however was not quite as good as the first because he would randomly slam on the brakes to try and keep the kids from rocking the cars...Our friends who didn't feel like dying yesterday were standing on the ground laughing!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Animal Control and No Job

So we get back from vacation and while we were gone our very good friends watched our animals at our house. They have dogs, used to have horses, overall very good for our "zoo." But some old mean people in our subdivision (we have alot of old people here and in my experince most of them are mean) called animal control saying that our horses were not being taken care of. The history on this is that when we moved into the subdivision the covenants allow 3 horses per lot (we only have 2 at this time) BUT we were the first people here to have horses so this made some of these old people mad (even though some of them were the ones that wrote the covenants). So they are trying anything to get the horses out and one of them actually yelled at us and told us their property values were going to go down because of the horses, never mind the really expensive house we built or the barn... So anyway animal control comes to visit us, which little do the old mean people know, we know the people at animal control rather well because for their fundraisers we go to and take our dogs, last time we had the Clowns microchiped, we had dog food they wouldn't eat so we donated it to them, the animal control guy knows us and likes us. So it was not big deal he came out and we visited for a while and he said he got the feeling it was a group of people, but legally couldn't tell us who, he also said if it wasn't illegal to not check out every report he wouldn't have come at all because he knows us. I have a pretty good idea of who was behind this, but its annoying because for the last 6 months or so everything has been pretty quiet but someone thought since we were gone maybe they could get rid of the horses...

The next great piece of new I got was that the job offer that I took was no longer "available." They actually offered me the job, I accept it , turned down another job, then they called the other day and said that the girl they had was working out fine instead, But that they would keep my name and number like I would go back and work for them now.....So I'm back at square one with no job!!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Dh and I just got back from our great week in Hawaii! We went to a great luau where it was all you can eat, and drink, they had 2 huge bowls of mai tais and then they would put and extra shot in each one it was great, another bonus was that it was at the hotel we stayed so we didn't have to drive anywhere. We went snorkling twice and the second time we got to swim with two sea turtles it was an awsome experience. We also went to Volcanoes National Park, but the crater road was closed because of Kilauea that was spouting out sulpher dioxide gas, but it turned out to be a great picture. We also went to Mauna Kea which is where alot of the worlds telescopes are (besides Chile) it is great stargazing at night since you are near the equator and the skies are clear. Of course all good things must come to an end and we arrived yesterday back here to the zoo! Of course everyone was thrilled to see us and Beast (our malamutt) even decided to grace us with his presence and come in the house for a while.