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Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year!

Since I am truly horrible and keeping up this blog, and apparently haven't posted anything since August. I figured I'd recap a little. In October we went to Oktoberfest in Ruidoso NM. Nothing like the real one in Germany I am assuming but still a lot of fun!
Then it was off the Las Vegas for the U2 concert which was great! So much fun and U2 was fantastic! This was the stage in Vegas for the concert.
We went on a wonderful transatlantic cruise that started in Barcelona and ended in San Juan. With many stops in Spain, we even got to go to Agadir (Morocco) and the Canary Islands! (Picture is above...I'm not good enough to actually place the pic's where I want them!)

We have decided to rent our old "apartment" in Texas (near Houston) as Dh is going to have to have surgery again sometime this spring and if he ever goes back to work it is a perfect crash pad. I also have 2 jobs there so it works out well.