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Friday, November 14, 2008


Everything in this picture is from 1956. It is a 1956 V-Tail Bonanza, a 56 Thunderbird, and a 56 Lincoln. I think it is one of Johns favorite pictures!


This is Jumbo Jet aka "Dumbo" as you can see he his helping me.....

Ponies New House

Well I finally got the pics loaded into the

computer! This is where the barn is going and what its going to look like...This was taken about a week ago. So now we have walls on the back and the right side! Its really coming along well (and of course the neighbors hate it!) The only problems we have really had are the winds!! It is soooo Windy here I wish someone would have told us that before we moved! Hopefully we will finish up this weekend and I can get a completed pic up!!