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Friday, June 24, 2011

New Blog Page...

I suppose I should have done this a while ago (read...8 months or so) but the new page is

See ya there!

Friday, October 22, 2010

"Who Would Jesus Furlough" on Undercover Boss

So I usually watch this show, but I watched the show this week more closely than normal, after all it was an airline (Republic/Frontier/could go on and on) CEO. It starts as they usually do by showing the CEO, his house, and family. The house in this case was more than "big" and bordered on mansion, indoor basketball court and all. So it turns out he has 8 kids and clearly doesn't believe in birth control.

Another soap box for me to get on but let me climb up. So apparently CEO is very religious (as evidenced by 8 or so kids) this happens to be my problem with religious people and religion in general (not the kid part, but the hypociate part), so here we have Mr. CEO who clearly does not live in the slums and can well afford his 8 kids and indoor basketball court. Meanwhile, he acquires airlines lays off pilots and ground personal of those he acquires, and the ones he doesn't fire have make so many concessions that their pay may or may not put them below the poverty line and qualify them for food stamps, this includes the pilots they don't make as much as you thinkg! That's right I know of many pilots who qualify for food stamps.

This aside he's sitting there going "praise god" and clearly his employers are not reaping any benefits from his views or his managing style. Which leads me to a few things...again not a religious in my book, especially in this case "Religion = Hypocrite" Also I found on one of the pilot forums it begs the question "Who Would Jesus Furlough?" I thought that this was funny as hell!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crazy Busy!!

The last couple weeks have been crazy busy!! John's been in and out a couple of times, I've been working about 4 days a week, and my parents came for Balloon Fiesta! So between everything going on, and the fact that I had to pry the computer from dad's hands I haven't had time to do much of anything online. I haven't made it to Balloon Fiesta this year, but my mom did, and I went to the "Balloon Glow" last years.