Living life as a pilot's wife, with our "herd" of 3 horses, 5 cats, 5 dogs, and 1 guina pig!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not Fun

My poor mother was commandeered into watching our "herd" while I had surgery in Houston. Knock on wood so far she hasn't had too many problems. So we are heading back to see her tomorrow, she has been there for almost three weeks, and it seems that our recently acquired dog (Floppy) has fallen in love with her. Floppy also happens to like Mommy Sue's other dogs, so I think it is fine if she takes him home. She keeps insisting that doesn't want him, but I think this is just an act. So I ended up having two surgeries. One on my nose (since apparently, unknown to me) I broke it a few years ago when I fell off (not sure which horse). And I ended up having a cyst on my ovary. The worst thing about surgeries is waking up from them and leaving. Honestly an hour after I wake up, they are kicking you out. John is a good husband and is faithfully waiting in the chair next to my bed when the nurse comes in and says, "She can get dressed and leave now, BUT she has to stay in bed while she gets dressed." Huh? apparently this is some new thing they instituted, no doubt because of lawyers and people falling and such. But seriously has anyone ever tried this? I would rate this up there with climbing Mt. Everest, without a sherpa! John did his best mind you I'm only half awake, and I have gauze pads taped (yes taped) to my face under my nose, AND I have two incisions in my stomach to try and avoid. I did mange to get dressed and then of course they have to take you out in a wheel chair (another lawyer thing I'm sure). It kind of reminded me of being at the dentist when he's trying to talk to you...Nurse "Which one is your car?" Me in wheelchair with thing taped on face "Thhad oonnn." So anyways I'm excited to be heading home tomorrow, though our friend has been great about letting us crash in his spare bedroom, plus he just had his first baby (well his girlfriend did) so it was super great of him to let us stay here with all that going on! So its Adios Houston for now!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Starfish Cat

This is Fat Ass. She is a Manx the largest of our "Cat Herd."

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ok it's offical now we have a new pony to put in the barn! He's 5 and off the track so we will see how he does, we won't know for a while since I won't be doing anything with him for the next month while we are gone, so he gets a month vacation!